As for the traditional ways of broadcasting or delivering the TV shows which are Cable and satellite TVs now there is a new revolution in the field of smart TVs. This is IPTV Box where IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. As for IPTV Australia is manufacturing a wide range of IPTV Box, if you are looking for Arabic IPTV Australia is also working on this as well so that these IPTV Boxes can also be exported to the Middle Eastern or any other Arabic countries as well. In the field of IPTV, Box Australia is trying to make it the revolution for whole smart TVs industry. With IPTV Box you can watch your favourite shows from all over the world by connecting it to the LAN or Internet which is a complete opposite method of watching the TV shows by the traditional ways.

This is the reason that IPTV is known as the new revolution in the industry of smart TVs or Set top boxes. Basically, IPTV Box is introduced with three main features which include Live TV, VOD (Video on Demand) and Time-Shifted TV. In the feature of Live TV you can watch all of your favorite shows which are broadcasted in your local TV stations, similarly if you hear the name of Video on Demand feature you can realize the meaning and purpose of this feature as well, in this feature you can browse any TV station, Videos or TV Shows from the internet and watch it just like the normal Live TV stations as well.

The most important and interesting feature of IPTV Box is Time-Shifted TV in this feature fi unfortunately you miss your favorite TV shows due to some work or any other event then it does not mean that you cannot watch that show again, you can set that time and date of your favorite show and set the time on which you want that particular show to be broadcasted again and on the exact time your show will be broadcasted just like any other normal show and due to this feature there is an ever increasing demand of IPTV Boxes. Including this, you can also record your favourite shows and watch them anytime whenever you are free.

Next feature which is introduced by the service providers are the choice of package for your IPTV Box, like you can have the silver package of 3 months to 6 months depending on the service provider and the region, and the number of channels you will get to watch can be less as compared to the other package. Similarly, there is a gold package for your IPTV Box which includes more than 1500 channels to watch and the time period for this package will be one year, but this package is too much expensive as compared to the silver package which is very low in price. So it depends on you that which package you can afford for your IPTV Box.

As it has been discussed before that these IPTV Boxes are able to run on the internet as well, so before you buy an IPTV Box it is better to check that there is built-in Wi-Fi in that box so you do not have to buy a separate modem to for your IPTV Box. Furthermore, the most common type of IPTV Box are Android TV Box, they are very common and popular among the young generation who are addicted to their cellphones and now they can use all the features of their cell phones on the TVs as well.

IPTV service providers are rather different than the service providers of your traditional TV systems because in the IPTV Boxes there is an internal satellite link line which means that your TV Boxes are directly connected to the satellites and now have the service providers who are serving globally. You will find many companies who are trying to find the solutions against these IPTV Boxes to increase their business, but none of them can compete with the set-top boxes, because now you do not require the computers to stream your favorite shows which are missed, with these TV Boxes you can watch any past show anytime on your TV Screen with your whole family or friends.

This is a user-friendly device and unlike any other latest electrical or electronics device it is not complex to be used all of its features are very simple and they can be understood by any average user. Moreover, with the facility of Video on Demand, you can also get help with your projects and studies and solve any issue related to education. As for the kids, it becomes very easy to make them understand anything when they see it in the form of video instead of studying in the books and trying to understand with the help of pictures.

According to the research in 2009 there were at least 15.5 million users who subscribed to the IPTV boxes and at least 60% of the total of these were from the Europe which is already a great success in TV industry because with the introduction of these IPTV Boxes the whole concept of the TV is now changed, because no one could have ever thought of so many features of Smartphones and computers in just a small TV box.

Even with these TV Boxes you do not have to face any kind of transmission failure back from the end of service provider because now you are not dealing with those local service providers, now you are directly connected with those satellites and your service providers are same which are providing the same service in other countries as well. If you get bored from the same TV channels or same TV shows every day then it is not an issue anymore for your IPTV Box, because now just search the type of TV channel you would like to watch because there are many categories available for the TV channels for you.

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