Linux is basically a computer operating system and it was developed as the free operating system for personal computers. Nowadays it has been using the number of computer platforms as well as the supercomputers. This is one of the great prominent examples of the free and open source operating system on the computer system. The use of Linux operating system is ever increasing from past few years and there are many soft wares which are available for the Linux operating system such as Blender, LibreOffice, Mozilla Firefox and there are many software which were originally developed just for the Linux operating system but later they started to be developed for the Windows and Macintosh OS as well due to their popularity which includes GIMP and Pidgin. Linux TV Box is also being developed nowadays.

Linux TV Box – The Latest TV Technology

It has grown its popularity in the netbooks as well and now it is widely being used in the netbooks as compared to the other operating systems. Linux has created many operating systems for the other entertainment devices from which Android Smartphones is one of the most prominent examples. There are Linux TV Box, tablets, In-vehicle infotainment as well. As for the smart TVs, there are many types of different software have grown their popularity in this field. You can find many Best Linux TV Box in the market because Linux TV Box has grown its popularity throughout the world.

Linux TV Box was originally started from Berlin which is a city of Germany. The main purpose to introduce this operating system is to provide the free and open source broadcasting and production of the digital TVs. As for the ever increasing popularity now you can buy Linux TV Box Australia as well. In the start Convergence GmbH started this project in Berlin but soon when they face the financial crisis this project was handed over to Galaxy AG but soon in 2005 they had to face bankruptcy as well, but till then Linux TV Box Project gained enough popularity that it remained live and continue by the support of the many other developer communities.

As for 2015, it is called as the year of Linux operating system because of the advancements it has made in the field of computers. The first project that was introduced by the Linux Operating System was Intel’s Compute stick. Rather it seems to be a small USB device but this small device consists of your Linux Operated Computer in it, all you need to do is to plug it into the HDMI port of your LCD or just insert it into the monitor. This Intel’s Compute Stick is also available in the version of windows, but rather it may be expensive than the version of the Linux. This computes stick works on both, Linux and Windows 8.1. Linux version is available in $89, but the windows version of Intel’s Compute Stick was available at the price of $149.

This computes stick runs the full x86 computer on your screen. The only version which was most sold out was the Linux version, and it gained the popularity due to the Linux version compute stick. Except this, if we see the field of robotics then for sure it requires some computer operating system to run them. If you are thinking that they are running on the most popular operating systems like Windows or Macintosh, then you are wrong, because the only operating system that runs all the robotics software is Linux Operating System.

Even the scientists and engineers have decided to use the same Linux Operating system in the future powerful robots, and it may also be possible that this operating system is used for the purpose of artificial intelligence as well. When it comes to the field of automobiles, then you all will be familiar with the latest technology of self-driving cars. Now there are many concepts of self-driving cars coming in the market, and many companies are trying to adopt this new technology in their upcoming vehicles, but the first ever self-driving car was manufactured by Google, and the software they used in these cars was Ubuntu Linux which runs on the Linux Operating system.

Next, if you look for the smartphones and tablets then there is no one who is not familiar with the Android operating system and these are also the examples of Linux Operating System, and anyone can easily tell that Android smartphones and tablets are more sold out than the IPhones, IPads, and Windows Operated smartphones and tablets. For the desktop or personal computers, it is rather difficult to say that Linux is the fastest selling computer software because it was true in the past but not at the present age. Still, for an average computer user Linux comes with many great advantages.

The main and the first advantage of this operating system is that it does not get slow crashed, all you need to do to is to kill the GUI, and your computer will be back to the normal speed unlike the Windows computers. Next is that this software comes with many of the free services which any average Linux user can enjoy. For the hardware box like the Linux, TV Box is more stable than any other smart TVs.

Windows may look attractive and advantageous for the computers but for the smart TVs it does not come handy and it requires updates to keep using it which irritates many average users, unlike the Linux TV Box because even the older version of the Linux can also run the TV Box like the new ones and without any kind of trouble. ARNU Box Mach 8 is the example of using the pure Linux operating system. Now ARNU has also introduced the two latest Linux TV Boxes as well which are ARNU Box Mach 10 and ARNU Box Mach 10 64-bit. With the revolution of these two TV Boxes in the field of smart TVs, you can enjoy your favorite shows on any kind of display.

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